Stable Facilities

  • 52 brick stables
  • 20 wooden stables
  • 11 horse barn
  • 5 horses to one groomsman
  • Clopf fibre 74m x 38m jumping arena. Top quality surface for showjumping.
  • Clopf fibre 23m x 64m arena, which can be used for dressage too
  • Clopf fibre lunge arena
  • Grass derby arena with a water jump, training bank & larger bank, dyke, steps & railroad crossing
  • 1km river sand & rubber chip canter track in a secure walled property
  • Horse walker
  • Solarium
  • Individual paddocks for the competition horses
  • Bigger group paddocks for the retired horses
  • Clubhouse with coffee machine and ablutions
  • Secure, alarmed tack rooms
  • Trucking service to vets/shows/equine spa directly from the property
  • Covered thatch lapa to view lessons/horses schooling
  • Access to the equine hydro spa

The Team

  • Barry and Lorette who are very approachable owners, qualified trainers and experienced riders, who live on the property and ride and train pupils 6 out of 7 days a week – Barry deals with the stable management aspect and Lorette sorts out the accounts/admin side of the business
  • Experienced showjumping coach, and competent rider
  • Extremely competent work riding/show rider (Backing of youngsters is a service also offered)
  • A Full time stable manager that lives on the property
  • A vastly experienced grooms men team that live on the property and have been with us for many years, they work with the ratio of 1 groomsman to 5 horses & daily tack cleaner
  • A full time licensed truck driver
  • A full time accounts & office manager to the owners to assist with any queries

Our Livery Offering

  • Only top of the range concentrates from Royal Feeds, Lucerne, oat hay, teff, eragrostis and shavings is used
  • No extra monthly teff or lucerne levies
  • 24-hour supervision by stable manager and owners, who live on the property
  • Inclusive monthly walker service
  • inclusive lunging services
  • inclusive tack cleaning services
  • inclusive show prepping service
  • inclusive grooms’ service at shows
  • inclusive show planning and advice (be sure to get the Farnham show schedule at the start of the year)
  • Alarmed tack room linked to our security provider
  • Use of all Farnham Stables facilities any day of the week. We are on a skeleton staff on Monday’s unless it is a national show week – normal Mondays, though, we would request that if you wish to ride, you tack up/untack yourself please.

NB: Grooms are on lunch from 12pm to 2pm each day, and to ensure that all tack is kept safe, the tack rooms/club house will be locked during these times unless prior arrangement is made with your individual groom or the stable manager. We also respectfully request that on non-show weekends that you ride before 4pm, so our grooms can have a reasonable knock-off time as their days are very long and if there are no shows we like to have a prompt knock off time or half day holiday.

Farnham Stables also offers a range of other services, as listed below:

  • Showjumping lessons for all levels and experience of riders & horses
  • Schooling of horses at all levels
  • Backing & production of young horses
  • Constant communication with our riders and owners/parents vie email and whatsapp – eg. Sending show entries, show entries closing reminders, daily lesson times, important yard info etc.
  • Instructor supervision at all showjumping shows on the Farnham show calendar
  • Guidance/advice on which showjumping shows to enter per the personalized Farnham show calendar to ensure show help at every show
  • Buying and selling of showjumping horses
  • Weekly Monday farrier service with Sean Allnutt – who has been with Farnham Stables for over 25 years
  • In-house physio Chantal Holder from Earth-Eco – who we have worked with for over 10 years and now assisted by her husband Rob – they are at Farnham Stables every Wednesday and at away shows too
  • Access to an equine chiro, Jacques Versfeld, who we have worked with for over 10 years and is here whenever we need him
  • Quality veterinary service from our preferred vet practice, Northrand Animal Clinic
  • Access to competitive insurance rates and overseas horse importation from our preferred supplier, Kuda Insurance
  • Easy access to all equestrian tack retailers – our preferred supplier is Equestrian Affair – we can have orders delivered directly to the yard
  • Preferential rates when using the equine hydro therapy spa at ‘little Farnham’ in Kyalami
  • Completion of entries/open nominations at shows
  • Organisation of away show accommodation as a group
  • Regular social days/evenings organised to encourage team spirit
  • On site Solarium
  • Loan bit bank
  • Horse-walker
  • Access to in-house equine therapy products
  • Independent dressage instructor that comes to Farnham Stables weekly
  • Lunging lessons for seat correction weekly
  • Access to Jumping simulator

Branded Clothing and Horse Apparel

We also offer the following Farnham clothing; horse wear & accessories (please ask for this to be emailed to you if you are interested):

  • Farnham Stables Show shirts (worn with a jacket but also registered with SASJ)
  • Farnham Stables caps in black, stone & dark green
  • Farnham Stables arena tog bags in black
  • Full Farnham Stables leisure wear range in an array of stable colours with our logo and embroidery (golf shirts, jackets, collared shirts, sleeveless jackets)
  • Farnham Stables Day sheets in dark green
  • Farnham Stables Fleece blankets in dark green
  • Farnham Stables ¾ fleece blankets in dark green
  • Farnham Stables winter blankets in dark green
  • Farnham Stables rain sheets in black
  • Farnham Stables Numnahs in white, black, stone & dark green
  • Farnham Stables Ear muffs (in 2 styles – long & short) in white, black, stone & dark green
  • Farnham Stables personalised name plates and bridle hooks for outside your horse’s stables