Farnham Stables was established by Barry Taylor and ably assisted (and still is) by horsewoman and Mom, Beryl Toms, well over 25 years ago.  When Barry and Lorette married in December 2004 they decided that together they would take over the reins of Farnham Stables in full.  We came to realise that many of the youngsters that rode with us were missing a solid equestrian base, horsemanship knowledge and basic riding and tacking up skills.  After many chats to and fro, Tamar Gliksman, who was riding with Barry at the time and who has been a loyal friend forever and has also ridden with Barry for an age, took the initiative, requested to take on our name and started the Farnham Riding School & Pony Yard to educate aspiring young showjumpers and attempt to fill in the horsey knowledge/horsemanship gaps and provide expert training.  It is now the sister yard to Farnham Stables, a completely separate business entity with its own logo and website www.farnham.co.za and is fondly known as ‘little Farnham’.

The whole idea with ‘small and big’ Farnham Stables is that the horse-interested children start at ‘little Farnham’ in Kyalami, where children from as young as the age of 3 can enjoy safe riding, OT/strength exercises, horsey enjoyment on reliable school ponies with accredited coaches, have fun on pony camps, in an unstressed, learning encouraged, safe environment. Once the little riders are really showjumping competent; they move onto their own competitive ponies and have training with world cup rider, FEI accredited trainer and top pony coach, Tamar.  Once the children riders get to the junior ranks and have a solid equestrian base and are competently jumping at 1.00m in the competition arena, they move over to ‘big Farnham’ where they start training with Lorette for their junior career. She herself has been in the top 10 showjumping riders in SA for over 10 years, she still competes at World Cup & GP level and is an FEI level 2 accredited trainer (training for Level 3), as well as a CEEPSA recognised International Level 3 Equestrian coach.  When Lorette’s special little ducklings reach young rider/adult age, they progress to training with the master, Barry. He is also a CEEPSA recognised International Level 3 Equestrian coach and his pupils’ results speak for themselves. Barry is also still super competitive at the Top level of showjumping sport in SA.