Nissan Showjumping Team

Nissan SA is the proud sponsor of Team Nissan.  Team Nissan has been Barry and Lorette Taylor’s proud headline sponsor since 2011.

Team Nissan works closely with the SASJ, and their local club KEP as well as a number of riding schools that run formal development programs; in order to nuture and develop aspiring young showjumpers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. From these development days held during the year, Nissan SA and Team Nissan is hopeful that more talent for top level competition can be identified. When aspiring talented riders are identified, they are invited to have additional training with Barry and Lorette, if they wish to further their equestrian education.

Team Nissan with HHCU started the Silver Lining Initiative in July 2014. This coincided with Mandela Day and is all about taking on an ex-racehorse from the unit and training him/her as a showjumper for 67 (not minutes) days.  This would then increase the horse’s value and she/he would to be able to be adopted at a higher than usual adoption price.  These additional funds raised for a trained thoroughbred would then go back to HHCU.

Lorette has started a  2nd hand clothing and riding apparel donation initiative via Facebook. It relies on the generosity of the riding world to donate their unused or old tack, equestrian clothing, riding boots, hats, gloves.  This initiative aids the riding schools that run formal development programs to keep their township riders safe with riding hats and the correct footwear, which is usually very costly.  This initiative also aids the more advanced kids that are already competing to have smart (and safe) competition kit. Anything not used by the riders will then be donated to the Highveld Horse Care (HHCU) to raise much needed funds for their unit’s rescue horses.

In 2017 the THANDI program was successfully launched.