2021 Farnham Stables Rates

Livery fees: This includes top of the range feed from Royal Feeds, salt, oil, teff, eragrostis, oat hay, lucerne & shavings. Each horse is different and as such horses are fed as an individual; - some horses do well on very little concentrates, others need 5 small meals per day and supplemented lucerne & oat hay. Daily walker access at no extra charge. A tack-up service. Experienced, caring grooming staff, allocated generally on 1 person to 5 horses basis. A tack cleaning service is provided on a daily basis. A lunging service, as and when required. Show prepping/plaiting service for your horse. Grooms attend shows at no extra charge, but you will be charged for their meals. The choice of Individual paddocks or group paddocks (not recommended), as well as optional ‘all-day’ paddock access, if needed. Hoof oil upon returning from paddocks. 3 schooling arenas, 2 clopf fibre and a grass derby arena, clopf fibre lunge arena and a 900m canter track is available for schooling (all prices quoted ex VAT)
Livery fees - paid in advance (billed on the 25th of each month and due by the 1st of the following month) R7875.00
NB! An early bird discount of 5% will be given if the livery invoice amount is received in our bank account before the 1st of the month and there are no other outstanding monies owed.
Compulsory monthly feed supplement (please note that supplement costs are subject to change at any time, and are quoted excluding VAT)
Fulvic Health equine supplement - prepaid and compulsory for all horses in the yard - monthly charge R505.25
Farrier fees: Individual requirements depending on what your horse needs.
Our farrier has a price increase as at 1 January every year (quoted ex VAT)
Farrier - billed in arrears - different options are available and we allow the specialist farrier to guide us on what each horse needs.
Farrier services range from a Trim (cheapest option), to Half sets of shoes, Full sets with/without studs, and highly specialised farrier work in conjunction with a vet.
Prices range from R400.00 - R1500.00 and is horse specific.
Lessons (quoted ex VAT)
Lessons or show help for livery clients - quoted per session per horse and is billed in arrears R480.00
Lessons or show help for non-livery clients - quoted per session per horse and is billed in arrears R550.00
Monthly Lesson & Schooling Packages (quoted ex VAT)
Full monthly lesson, & full show help package & daily advice for livery clients - to be used for the entire show year - quoted per horse and paid in advance R4000.00
Breaking in/young horse (3 to 5 year olds) package- quoted per horse and paid in advance R4000.00
Comprehensive monthly package for livery clients - schooling/show riding/lessons/show help package, always supervised riding 6 days a week - quoted per horse and paid in advance R4900.00
Extras (quoted ex VAT)
Horse blanket wash & repair service - optional - charged as expense arises (each horse usually has an under blanket & duvet) R500.00
Show entry completion & payment of ad hoc client retail expenses - not suggested by us and comes with a hefty admin fee 20% admin fee charged on total entries/payments made
Grooms show food charge - per day *if the owners are not at the show, the client is responsible to provide the groom with all 3 meals on the show day please Local is R110.00; Away shows is R150.00
Trucking services for shows, vettings, breeding (quoted ex VAT)
Trucking to Kyalami/Blue Hills area R600.00
Trucking to Glen Austin/Midrand R750.00
Trucking to Maple Ridge Equestrian R650.00
Trucking to Pretoria/Benoni R1100.00
Trucking to vets - drop off and collect same day, if horse overnights travel is charged at 2 x single trip R850.00
Away show trucking TBA each trip

NB***Please note that all veterinary costs and other service providers (equine hydro therapy spa/physios/dentists/chiros/tack retailers etc.) are not included on your livery or sundries invoices – but rather billed by the supplier directly to you. Please also request the Farnham Stables show calendar/year planner to plan your show schedule and budget for shows and any extra services that your horse may require. Please take note!

Our banking details are as follows:

First National Bank – FNB
Business account
Fourways Mall branch – 251855
Account no: 6266 329 8406

Farnham Stables owner’s contact details :

Barry Taylor: 082 451 7896 barry@nullfarnhamstables.co.za
Lorette Knowles-Taylor: 082 556 3950 lorette@nullfarnhamstables.co.za
Farnham Stables office and accounts: Madelaine Richardson: 076 870 3580
General queries on horses@nullfarnhamstables.co.za and accounts queries on accounts@nullfarnhamstables.co.za

Thank you for choosing Farnham Stables!